Justin and Me!!!

Yesterday and today my pen pal from LA came (Justin.) His letter was was in the photo in the blog, Letters from all over!! Any way, he came over and I finally got to meet him. Today we went to Science Central, it was a lot of fun! We also went to a popular hot dog place Coney Island and the best chocolate place Debrands. Yesterday, Justin, his little brother (Tyler), and his mom and dad, got to go to John’s class, Dannie’s class, and my class. I likes showing him my school. At night we painted canvas.

Oh yeah, if you don’t know who Justin is, he is doing the buddy bench in LA, California. He flew 2,162 miles to get here. He came here to see the buddy bench, and he liked it a lot. He just got enough plastic caps collected for his Buddy Bench and will be getting it soon! He loves turning trash into treasure! And he loves frogs! It was a lot of fun having him here to visit! I will never forget it!

Greeting Justin and his family at the hotel

Greeting Justin and his family at the hotel

this is one of a million selfies that we took together.

this is one of a million selfies that we took together.

Trying to get each other not to laugh

Trying to get each other not to laugh

Finished artwork

Finished artwork

This is the crazy group at Debrands

This is the crazy group at Debrands

A look back at 2018

2018 Was a great year and it went by really fast! Below I will go by month of some great things that happened and how I felt about them. I am happy to have met so many awesome people and have received so many letters I will keep forever! Enjoy a look back at my past year with the Buddy Bench Project. Mom helped me a bit with typing this.

January: Photo shoot and in Glo Magazine as February’s Glo Girl! (It was so fun! I loved meeting Sue)


February: Met the Mayor of Fort Wayne (got to sit at his desk! It was really cool. He said I might be the first female mayor someday!) People say I could be Leslie Knope

Got cap from 50th state! Massachusetts! (It took awhile to get the caps from all the US states but I loved getting letters and caps from so many places)


March: Mayor visited my school and sat on the Buddy Bench! (He also gave me a Certificate of Excellence in front of my class! He is the best Mayor ever)

Humankind and USA Today posted a nice video of me and it got over 1.2 million views. (this was the first of about 8 videos that covered me that went viral this year. very crazy!)

Articles online about me from Biggby’s, Babble and Her View From Home


April: Now This Her Video posted on Social Media (Reese Witherspoon tweeted about it!)

Upworthy Article online. Brought schools caps to get them started! Filmed for a day for 60 Sec Doc video.


May: Local NBC morning show (had to wake up at 5 am!) Article in Local Newspaper News Sentinel

Traveled to NYC to be on Today Show with Kathie Lee! Mom had to tell me who Kathie Lee was. She was very nice. I wasn’t nervous at all and had a lot of fun. She wrote me a song and actress Olivia Edwards sang it to me. I got to go to a Broadway Show (School of Rock)! We walked everywhere we went.

ATTN: We Need This video posted (18 million views)


June: Received letters from a school in Mexico which is really cool because I am learning Spanish!

Helped Jury Pool get started with their Buddy Bench cap collection.

Went parasailing for the first time!

Article in Martha Stewart Living

Inspired a group in India to collect caps and make Buddy Benches(:


July: Spoke to over 100 Walgreens managers who are collecting caps for me all summer long.

Excited to be Stephanie Arne’s first Girl in the Wild

Filmed for Sustainable Thinkers video.

Reached 2,000 members on my FB page


August: Got asked to be a part of the BTV (Be the Voice) Anti Bullying campaign in Atlanta GA!

Featured in Highlights of the Week

Wrote a book (hoping next year it will be published)

First Day of 4th grade (I love school!!!)


September: Radio Show! It was really cool. It was my first radio show. The Mic was really big.

Traveled down to Green Tree Plastics to see 75 yellow Buddy Benches ready to be delivered to Indiana Schools thanks to the 15,000 lbs of plastic caps Walgreen’s saved for me over the summer! Such a great day! Plus Green Tree surprised me with a bench of my very own! And a dolphin made of caps that I named Caperie


October: Lots of thank you letters from Indiana Schools!

Inspired a school in Australia to do the project! (It’s cool because this is going around the world!!)

Mentioned on Bobby Bones show for TMSG

Got an amazing literary agent Vicki at Storm Literary Agency


November: Comet of the Month for my class at school

Traveled to Staten Island to film Video for UPS Wishes Delivered! (I met so many cool friends at Academy of St. Dorothy and the filming crew)

Turned 10!


December: Featured in B Uneke magazine Amazing Kids Edition

Started this Blog!

PBS Kids article

Featured on Sodexo Performance Zone poster in 800 schools. (also given a check for $500 that I was able to donate to 2 schools so they could get Buddy Benches)

UPS Wishes Delivered Video went live with over 6 Million Views! (It turned out really cool! Watch it if you haven’t already. Worth all the work)


I had a really good year and I am so glad you all are a part of it.

Can’t wait to see what next year holds!!

But for 2018 THAT’S A WRAP!


My Christmas!

Hi guys, I don’t know about you but I had an AWESOME Christmas! My favorite present was my very own Alexa Dot. I like listening to songs on her and asking her questions! I also got a lot of other gifts that were great! I also had a good Christmas Eve. Our family went to a movie theater and watched Mary Poppins Returns, it was a really good movie! I hope you all had a good Christmas Eve and Christmas.

I hope you all have a great New Year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Me with my sister and brothers!

Me with my sister and brothers!

Letters from all over!!

I have gotten letters from schools from states from countries and from here and there and everywhere. I cant keep track of all the letters, there’s way to many! In the mail out the door there are letters everywhere! there’s letters to me and letters from you! LETTERS LETTERS and more LETTERS!

I have gotten letters from pretty much everywhere. now i have a ton of pen pals, and they are from all over the world!

I love getting letters!!

These are some of my letters from some of the 75 schools I was able to give buddy benches to in September! I love that the Buddy Benches are working!

These are some of my letters from some of the 75 schools I was able to give buddy benches to in September! I love that the Buddy Benches are working!

Letters from my pen pals in California! Justin and Ryan(:

Letters from my pen pals in California! Justin and Ryan(:

Cap Poem!

Caps are here Caps are there

Caps Caps everywhere

Caps in my hair Caps stuck on my clothes

Caps from Cities Caps from States

Caps from you Caps from me

Caps are in my dreams

Filling Drums Sorting Caps

Day after Day more Caps more Caps i see

It makes me Happy Yippee!!!


I Love School!

I love school because I like to learn. It makes me heart broken when I hear that some people cant. I am happy that I get to go to school! If I could l would go to school every day of the year, except for Christmas day! That is how much I LOVE school! School makes me happy!

School is the BEST.

Got to go I have to go to school!


One Of My Inspirations: Malala Yousafzai

One of my biggest inspirations is Malala Yousafzai. Malala inspires me because, she also is all about kindness kind of like me. Malala also says that young people can change the world. I just think that Malala is a really cool person. If you don’t know a lot about Malala check her out on google, type in Malala Yousafzai, and there is a lot of info on there. I love school and hopefully other people do to!

Malala is amazing


My First Post! It's me Sammie

Hi this is Sammie, and this is my very first blog post! In my blogs I will talk about whats going on in my life and what inspires me. And i will update every once in a while.

I was in this really cool UPS wishes delivered video that just got posted a few days ago! It would be cool if you would go and watch it, I will leave the link down below.

UPS Wishes Delivered

I even got to call “Action” a few times which was really cool